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TV Repair

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Television has certainly evolved in the more than 25 years that we have been in business. TV is more interactive than it ever was. Our experts repair all types of televisions, from traditional CRT TVs to the latest LCD and plasma TVs. We take the time to perform all repairs right the firs time. We repair all TV brands, even those that are no longer covered by their original warranty. We will come to your home to repair TVs that are too large to bring into our Clifton, NJ service center. We have the equipment necessary to quickly diagnose the problem and perform repairs right there. We can’t guarantee that we can fix any problem with your TV. Although, we do have experience with most common repair issues.

Common TV Problems and Repairs

  • No picture or sound
  • Unclear picture
  • Failure to recognize cable connection

  • TV turns off automatically
  • Sound isn’t even

Once we repair your TV, we take the time to test it and ensure that everything is working properly. We can help you with common related requests such as installing a speaker system for your home entertainment system or connecting other devices to your TV. We can also do a routine check to look for possible issues or help you with installation of a new set, including wall mounting. We can also help you set up a new entertainment system.

Contact us today at (973) 340-2211 for fast, affordable, and reliable TV repair, cell phone repair, and computer maintenance and repair in the Clifton, NJ area. We make it work like new again!